Watch A Full Class A CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Video

Pre-Trip Inspection DVD

Watch & Learn The Florida Pre-Trip Inspection

Don't waste your time or money taking the CDL test until you've watched this DVD! See the CDL driving instructor demonstrate a full Class A CDL pre-trip inspection on a late model conventional truck and trailer.

Each section of the inspection is broken down into easy to understand segments that you can watch over and over. Here are the sections of the covered:

  • Full Vehicle Exterior - Truck & Trailer
  • In-Cab
  • Engine Compartment & Mechanical
  • 4-Point Brake Check

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Pass The Florida Pre-Trip Inspection

Get your CDL faster! Watch & learn how to pass the pre-trip inspection for a Florida CDL.  eGears master CDL instructor Phil Tandem takes you step-by-step, item-by-item through the entire class A CDL pre-trip how to perform a 4-point brake inspection.

This DVD picks up where other online videos fall short. In addition to showing you how to do a pre-trip and pass the CDL test, this video teaches you an organized routine to make memorizing the information easier and faster. With over 100 points of inspection to remember, using a routine allows you to create a comfortable pace and keeps you organized.

The high-quality, detailed DVD makes learning the pre-trip inspection as easy as watching TV. The easy to use menu system allows you to watch the whole inspection from start to finish or just watch individual sections. The CDL instructor describes each item in detail noting both conditions and defects that must be identified. In addition, on-screen tips provide helpful advice to help you learn the pre-trip inspection process even faster.

The Florida pre-trip inspection demonstration is based on federal guidelines established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act and the Commercial Driver's License manual.


Product Details

Product Type: DVD

Brand: eGears

Run Time: 43 minutes

CDL Type: Class A CDL

CDL Vehicle: Tractor - Trailer (semi truck)

ISBN: 9780578014081


Addtional Class A CDL Pre-Trip Study Aids

These related study guides and manuals are the perfect campanion to the CDL Pre Trip Inspection DVD:

Pre-Trip Inspection Study Guide
Printable 32-page full color pre-trip inspection guide with photos of every item to be inspected.

Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist
Printable, organized list of every item to be inspected including the condition and defects to look for.